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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

A Party is a situation in which we spend time because we want to be there. These Spaces are full of possibilities. Partyfiesto asks Guests and Hosts:

__What can we make out of these precious moments together?

__How can we benefit from each other?

__1 Bender, 3 Locations, 30 Conversations & Signatures

Originally, I wrote Partyfiesto to quickly communicate the values of my own House Parties. But when I read through the result, I realised I want all Spaces to be like this:

__Welcoming People to be open, curious, caring, creative, genuine, and kind.

So I started taking Partyfiesto out with me, and many people read and signed it wherever I went - from Bars, Clubs, and Darkrooms to Birthday Gatherings, Afters, and Dinner Parties.

__Anyone may download and print Partyfiesto and use it for their own purposes.

Partyfiesto 8 2 23
Download PDF • 186KB

__Partyfiesto from the Office to Beyond

__Reading & Review of Partyfiesto @Ficken3000

On Jupiter 5 February 2022, Jebreel read Partyfiesto out loud in the Ficken3000 Darkroom. I was impressed and asked him to write a review, which impressed me too. It turns out he double majored in psychology and linguistics, and I think he should be able to do something more interesting with his time than working in a boring market research job.

__"The Partyfiesto is a vital reminder to bring authenticity, presence and care to our social circles. Together, we build a community, even if only for a moment in time, and for that community to thrive, each and every participant must give more than they take. We are enjoined to suspend our individualism, materialism, and expectations to appreciate wholeheartedly the here and now — and to use our energy, creativity, and love to build die neue Leichtigkeit."

Hallelujah, and now go shine your light wherever you go!

__See you at The Party xxx

__P.S.: The Party can be anywhere if we make it so.

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