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Zines for a New Society

Updated: Feb 26

Portrait of a Queer Momentum. Your access point to the Revolution. A curriculum for the New Society. Created partly in collaboration with Marcio Zamboni. PDFs now available for free.

Feed your soul with quality raver writings. Featuring topics from community building, sexual liberation, and transition journeys to healing, learning, politics, philosophy, and spirituality. We live a rich life.

Mapping a mindset for a New Society, beyond patterns of thinking that keep us stuck in unsustainable and unhappy lives.

Here to inspire, confuse, and entertain you – and to do what we can to end oppression in its many forms. Fuck yes to freedom!

Unique paper copies home-printed and hand-made on demand (20 Euro each). Limited editions with hand-coloured covers available. Inquiries via Instagram @ivan_provisoire & @zamboni_marcio, or write to

Zines 1 & 2 by Ivan Provisoire, August 2023

1 Crocodile of Freedom_PDF
Download PDF • 5.24MB

2 Being a Bridge_PDF
Download PDF • 3.76MB

Zines 3 – 8 by Ivan Provisoire & Marcio Zamboni, September & October 2023

3 The New Society_PDF
Download PDF • 9.91MB

4 I even dream when I sleep_PDF
Download PDF • 11.54MB

5 The Lobster Factory_PDF
Download PDF • 12.38MB

6 Requiem for a cum couch_PDF
Download PDF • 12.57MB

7 Thinking for beginners_PDF
Download PDF • 11.04MB

8 24 pages for the end of time_PDF
Download PDF • 16.93MB

Zines No. 9 & 10 by Ivan Provisoire, October & December 2023

9 The bird and its dream_PDF
Download PDF • 5.28MB

10 Love in free fall_PDF
Download PDF • 4.04MB

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