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Name change poem

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Berlin, 5 October 2019

Who are you? Creature born from darkness Someone I don’t yet really know Me but not me

I mourn for what has left me What was never really mine And yet, it was Hard to distinguish between cookies Installed from outside And me, something else My dragon soul

Ivan is their name, his name? It’s made its way to the surface Long did it dwell in the deep, dark sea Close to the chimneys Where life originates

Hello dragon, I know you Be welcome to try And breathe some air How does it suit you? Put your paw on the land How does it feel?

Your breath is blue It’s like the steam From those chimneys far below Stay on the shore for a bit Get used to the sun on your dark blue skin Look around with eyes so black

What do you make of the light? Does it disturb you?

Darkness pours from your widened pupils Making little blurs In the sky Patches out of focus Hanging there, for everyone to see

Ivan, where is Annelinde? From Linde, Lindje, Anne All those names they used to call me?

Still there, In the previous chapter, you say Look back, see, there they are! Playing in the sand, Posing for the camera, With a gaze that challenges

It was me, looking through those green eyes I’ve always been there, I never left you My window to the world above

Through those eyes, the same, I now pour my patches of darkness Creating little blurs for others So they may remember That wherever light goes Darkness was there before

Better to acknowledge the darkness That vast unknown Than to be deluded By light as bright As an advertisement

I’ve come to remind you That you can fall That darkness is there To hold you

My name is Ivan I am a dragon with blue breath Dark blue skin And from my eyes pours darkness Creating little blurry patches In your vision To remind you That everything is happening Against a background Of unexplainable things

Look me in the eyes Meet Ivan Annelinde Kirchgaesser­­­­

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