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Learning to fall

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

A short film // In the beginning we lived in paradise. One day, a serpent came along. Or maybe it was just our own desire to cross the final boundary? We ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And that was it. No bliss no more.

Produced as part of the Utopia Working Group Film Chain, August 2019, responding to films by Rayén Mitrovic & Alejandro Iturra; Juan Carlos Dozal Varela; and Daniel Weyand.


Bird sounds from 'Relaxing Nature Scene - Sunlight in the Forest over Calming Bird Sounds'. Available at:

Music from 'Isle of Dogs: Taiko Drumming' ©Wes Anderson. Available at:

Benjamin Britten, 'Four Sea Interludes (Dawn)'. By Peter Grimes on 'Sounds of the Sea'.

Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. 'Book of Hours: Love Poems to God' (1996), translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy. New York: Riverhead Books. pp. 116-117.

Falling scenes from 'Gravity: A Falling Montage' by Zach Prewitt. Clips from: 'City of Angels'; 'King Kong'; 'Superman Returns'; 'The Game' & 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'. Available at:

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1 Comment

Shelley Sacks
Shelley Sacks
Nov 03, 2019

What a beautiful, compelling, philosophical film!

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