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Facts about socks

When Pavao and I left my party, he said, looking at the guests: "They have moved in. They are a self-sustaining organism now. Almost." Working on it, __we learn from last week.

Later that night, from the club, we requested a video update about what was going on at my place. It arrived within five minutes and showed guests cleaning up. You did a great job, thank you! And you left behind yet more of your single socks.


  1. I have been knitting socks in the darkroom and I want you to invite me over to come knit at your place.

  2. As I said, the amount of single socks at my place is ever growing. Do you go home with two different socks? Do you only wear one sock? It's like all these sock pairs have spread out throughout the village now, we can start doing sock Domino soon.

  3. Oh actually we can't, because Pavao throws your socks away. I keep them for art and for unexpected happy reunions.

  4. You take Pavao's complete sock pairs when you leave the party, and now he doesn't have any black sock pairs left. I have two pairs of Pavao's white socks.

  5. Nice socks are expensive.

  6. We need money to pay for new socks and also various other supplies for the community, including toilet paper, tissues, good honey to bring you back to life, lube, condoms (no condom shaming), treats, lemon oil to bring you back to life, various medicines, eye drops, soap, contact lense liquid, incense, new chargers (they keep on disappearing), candles, nice liquor, a speaker for Pavao's kitchen, face paint, nail polish, etc. We also need to live and eat. __Long story short: we are looking for sugar daddies and sugar mommies to fund this life of ours (Pavao and me) so we can focus on doing what we do best: to co-create this community with you in which we make each other shine. #borntobeahost

  7. I lost one sock with sentimental value at Pavao's place last week. It is a white sport sock with blue stripes and written on it in white cursive capitals: OBEY. It was given to me three years ago by a friend who used it for foot fetish purposes.

  8. Once my then favourite pair of woollen socks disappeared from my place, after I requested for it not to be taken. It still has not returned and I am pretty sure I know where it is. Please return and be welcome at the party.

  9. Please also return my harness, it was expensive and new and a treat I bought for myself after finishing the Dramaqueer project with Bogdan Georgescu, who just published a great book involving Grindr conversations titled The Tender Trilogy that you should all read.

  10. #powertotheparty __The party can be anywhere if we make it so. It is social sculpture and once you start doing it, it starts permeating everything. Don't tell me later I didn't warn you.

SIDE NOTE: I just realised that my kitchen table has about the same size and colour as the Earth Forum cloth I used in the past when I was working in the University of the Trees: Lab for New Knowledge and an Eco-Social Future with my then-professor Shelley Sacks. The cloth is made of oiled calico and goes in a bag that can be carried everywhere to do this community-building Earth Forum process. As part of that people go find an object in the world, sometimes a handful of Earth, and put it on the cloth, and because it is oiled it gets stained and keeps the traces of all the Earth Forums that were done around it. My table also holds your traces.

♥ ♥ ♥ Ficken3000, you are the best ♥ ♥ ♥

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