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Why participate?

I am not an expert in Global Citizenship. But because the idea of citizenship in and of itself relates to all people, I think that being an expert is not necessary. Maybe it is not even always helpful. 


Whilst I do appreciate that some people have gone in a lot of depth in their enquiry into Global Citizenship, I think it is equally interesting what the term conjures up in those who might have never even thought about it.

If Global Citizenship is to be a meaningful idea,

I think it is essential that every person

can find a way of relating to it.


By that I don't mean that everyone should see it in the same way or that everyone should 'like' it.

What I would like to explore is if and how the idea of Global Citizenship can have a creative, activating currency. Can thinking of ourselves as Global Citizens help us to perceive ourselves more as artists of society?


Maybe we will find that it does have that potential, maybe we conclude that if there is any potential, it would better be framed in another way, or we might come to reject the idea altogether. Will you join the exploration?

Join me for a conversation

Please contact me if you are up for having an informal conversation to share your thoughts and experiences and explore together what Global Citizenship means to you. This could be in person or via Skype.

It would be great to share something of what came up in the conversation on this blog, but only if you are happy to. 

Donate a paragraph

If you prefer to make a written contribution to the exploration of Global Citizenship, you can donate a paragraph (or more) for publication on this blog. 

Join a group exploration

Once several people have shared their thoughts and perspectives, I think it might be interesting to bring them together - not only on this blog but in a further group exploration. I will keep you posted about potential next steps.

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